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Established in 2002 in İstanbul for Career and Human Resources Consultancy Services by Dilek Köseoğlu who after working for 15 years as a specialist, trainer, manager, director in Human Resources Departments of different national and international companies saw that the importance of selecting an appropriate vocation was vital and decided to work with young generation.

Therefore the primary  objective of  KADEME is to train and consult high school, university students and young  professionals, and consult them on their interests and the  relation between their interests and appropriate jobs and careers  that could make them  satisfied  and ‘happy’and as a  conclusion effective in their professional life.

Kademe consultant  tries to establish self awareness  and “questioning style of why to do”  through  inventories, mainly SDS-Self Directed Search.

KADEME is the unique consalting company in Turkey which has special permission to produce the SDS – Self Directed Search Booklet according to a special agrements with  its publisher PAR, (Psychological Assesment Resources Inc., Odessa,FL 33556, ) by John.L.Holland.Ph.D. Copyright 1970,1977,1985, 1990, 1994 by PAR and utilize SDS  in her career consaltancy.   

Besides Career Consultancy , Kademe conducts Seminars and gives Consultancy Services on :

Organizational Development,
Effective Recruitment,
Carrer Planning
Management Counsaltancy
for Small and Medium Enterprices.

Our Objective
Giving support through consulting to the parents and  the young generation in  their effective vocation and career planning processes.  Career Guidance for young professionals.

Our Goal

Providing the most correct and sound  vocational guidance through its specializied people, reliable and  valid inventories and other mediums.

Our Principal
Delivering our consultancy services with an inter- disciplinary  approach with  psychiatrists,   psychologists, vocational guidance teachers of the schools and human resources professionals.



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